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Illi de Landstriicher


Illi the badger, world traveler and story-teller, strikes his camp on the edge of the village. He is suspiciously observed as a stranger by the villagers. Does he stink? Is he stealing? Can you trust him?

Hoppla, the hare, Bella, the squirrel, Gakri, the chicken, they all get to know each other better and thus overcome their prejudices.
But there is a common theft. Who was it? Will they chase Illi with disgrace and shame? Or is the true thief comprehended?

This fable is about our fear of strangers and strangers as well as the experience that other cultures are enriching our lives.

Music: Stefan Mens
Language: German


The figures

Plauder: Jannis Reichlin
Täsche: Alexander Loosli
Gakri: Ilsi Fries
Bella: Martina Schütze
Hoppla: Caspar Fries
Illi: Jörg Reichlin
Schliicher: Jeannot Hunziker

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