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MONTAGS Special: Kali


KALI is a Lucerne/Zurich-based trio featuring Raphael Loher, Urs Müller and Nicolas Stocker. Since 2015 they have been working on creating their own particular blend of contemporary classical music, alternative rock and improvisation. The unusual instrumentation of piano, guitar and drums creates complex soundscapes with interlocked rhythms and merging harmonies.

Every member of KALI brings their own unique style to the mix. Nicolas Stocker, while working with numerous projects as co-leader, also tours internationally with Nik Bärtsch´s “Mobile” and is featured on their latest ECM release “Continuum”. Pianist Raphael Loher, known for his work with Gerry Hemingway, Sekhmet and EKL, is deeply rooted in the tradition of free improvised music. The various preparations he undertakes on the piano leave a distinct mark on KALI’s music. Urs Müller, the trio’s guitarist, works with a large variety of groups including Sha´s Feckel and Monotales. His ability to create blending and overlayering harmonies helps unite the wide spectrum of unusual sounds created by piano and drums, but at the right moment he doesn’t shy away from a heavily distorted guitar assault.

KALI’s music creates a soundscape that absorbs listeners from the very first song. From hauntingly minimalistic intermezzos to surprisingly accessible, dense and powerful compositions, KALI explores the spectrum of what live music is capable of creating, while always keeping their very own distinctive sound.

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Raphael Loher
Stollbergstrasse 11
6003 Luzern
076 212 34 45

Nicolas Stocker
Erismannhof 14
8004 Zürich
077 492 40 09

Urs Müller
Murbacherstrasse 29
6003 Luzern
076 479 06 18

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