A play-table game according to Susanna Schmid-Germann’s book of the same name

Muggestutz, the oldest Haslizwerg, sets out to find a present for his wife Raurinde. He meets his dwarf friends on the Dwarven Path and experiences all kinds of adventures. To find the precious gift, Muggestutz must meet three conditions first. Would he possibly succeed?

The Dwarfs and their speakers:
Muggestutz:Theo Gfeller
Lindi:Franziska Wälchli
Raurinde:Lisa Krischel
Lindello:Marcel Schmid
Reeberchen:Oskar Linder
Itti:Christian Vogler
Rääbargen:Urs Nufer

Music: Ernst Bruni,
Sound creation: Detlef Ott

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